IT Leasing

Now is a great time to replace your older equipment, software, and licenses with newer, more efficient solutions – and most likely for the same monthly cost, or less, than you’re paying in maintenance today.

At eCap Leasing, we want technology and business innovation to be within your reach. Ironically, keeping your technology current actually helps your costs stay low. You also maintain flexibility in your equipment and infrastructure decisions, so you can sustain a return on your investment. That’s why we offer a broad range of financing and leasing options designed around your budget requirements and your business needs.


We’ll offer you flexible financing options through our subsidiary, eCap Leasing.

Why Lease?

Leasing allows you to eliminate technological obsolescence. Plus you can upgrade, replace, or add hardware when needed – not just when book value and depreciation allow. And with leasing, you only expense the cost as you incur the benefit, keeping the investment off of your balance sheet and helping you forecast your budget more accurately.

Why Lease with eCap Leasing?

eCap offers tailored, flexible lease plans. eCap’s Midrange Lease can be tailored to match your cash flow or budget requirements.

Great Lease Rates and Flexibility

Lease rates are based on two factors: residual value and the current cost of money. The net result is a lease rate priced to support your business needs at a cost you can afford.

Single-Source Accountability

eCap Leasing offers you one-stop shopping for hardware, software, consulting, and implementation services – and the financing to make it all happen.

eCap Leasing Offers:

  • Finance Leases
  • Operating Leases
  • Sale-Leaseback Leases
  • Special-Incentive Financing
  • Step-Payment Leases

We offer flexible financing plans for hardware, software, information technology and business services, printers, LANs, and peripherals.

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