Hardware Equity Lease Partnership

Our Partner Leasing Program focuses on providing creative financing programs for the manufacturers and distributors of hardware and software solutions. Our Partner’s credit eCap with unmatched convenience and flexibility – our vendor leasing programs are as individual as the companies with whom we partner.

Hardware Equity Lease Partnership (H.E.L.P)


New Business Opportunity

  • Inception Fees to generate more profit
  • Partner strengthens its single source offering
  • Software/hardware/consulting services are all offered in a leasing package
  • Avoid capital expenditure roadblock with easy monthly payments and monthly budgeting

Build an Annuity in your Customer Base

  • Partner participates in initial and follow-on lease transaction gross profit
  • Clients become a captive audience for future business, ACCOUNT CONTROL
  • Leasing facilitates movement of equipment and software upgrades in your account
  • Leasing becomes a high margin, incremental Profit Center with little overhead, effort or investment for Partner
  • Better than a one-time commission plan, i.e., lease broker, IGF, and others

Total Solution/One-Stop Shopping for Our Partner Customers

  • Hardware brokerage function, i.e., trade in and swaps
  • There is an option to lease non-computer assets, i.e., phones, software, services, office furniture…….
  • HELP offers flexible and creative “financial solutions”
  • Step lease – deferred payments – technology exchange


Reallocation of internal resources.

The vast majority of businesses in America are using leasing/financing to acquire new technology as it allows them to use their finite internal resources in other ways designed to directly facilitate growth in sales. Over the last five years American businesses have become much more conscious of how they are spending their capital and are looking very closely at all decisions and demanding greater returns than ever before for the expenditure. Leasing makes far greater sense in this environment as it allows companies to spread their expenditures over a defined period in time while realizing the benefits gained through the usage of new technology.


When selling products and services to customers, the key is value. Leasing/financing provides your customers with added value by reducing their upfront cost, assisting them in avoiding obsolescence, and by providing them with a manageable monthly payment option. Your customer will see you as an asset because you are helping them acquire the technology that they need at the prices that they want. The best part of it is that you are still able to be paid upfront and in full.


It is vastly more expensive to attract new customers than to develop existing relationships. Leasing and financing can develop a customer’s level of trust with you as well as increase the amount of entanglement that you have with them. Because leasing/financing involves end of lease options, you are able to re-engage your customer to acquire new equipment.

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